Introducing $IKURA, the governance token for the Ikura ecosystem.

In this first post we are presenting our initial product, plan and vision. Ikura aims to pioneer innovation and drive adoption to the blockchain by providing accessible, simple and useful products.

Initial Product:

We identified an opportunity and that was to pioneer a product that was needed on an extremely exciting and rapidly growing blockchain. The blockchain of focus is Harmony as it has a bright future because of its amazing features such as sharding, high throughput, 2 second finality and EVM compatibility.

The first product of the Ikura ecosystem is our unified charting solution for the Harmony blockchain. We have just finished our initial beta which was promised to the community to be delivered on 15th August 2021. The beta is fully functional, and it is important to show the community that progress is being made as it is not an easy feat to pioneer innovation.

Check it out:

We invite you all to go and try it, report bugs, provide feedback and you will see we have a solution that is obtaining data directly from the blockchain using TheGraph with everything translated into USD (as this is the globally recognised currency, behind Bitcoin of course 😉).

It is still a work in progress, but this is just the initial steps of where we want to take the Ikura project. We made a promise and we delivered on that promise.

More importantly, we are currently working on getting to the point of minute-by-minute data but at present DEXs only release daily information so we have taken it upon ourselves to build an infrastructure to support a mechanism that will record every transaction in order to be shown on a chart. We are working with Harmony and other DEXs to obtain their subgraphs so we can focus on aggregating all the information.

Tokenomics for $IKURA:

Total Supply: 15,000,000 IKURA


· Dev Team — 2,000,000 IKURA

· Marketing Team — 2,000,000 IKURA

· Liquidity Support — 1,000,000 IKURA

We have three taxes within the contract that can be set to support the project and the community. They’re currently set to 0% and are as follows:

  1. Marketing
  2. Liquidity
  3. Rewards


Buy Link:

Our Plan:

We are working towards ensuring we have a full release of the charting solution as soon as possible. We are solving the issues we face and some of the hardest problems are now behind us. Alongside the solution, we are focusing on building a DEX aggregator so we can become a one stop shop to see the chart and ensure you get the best price whenever you’re buying any coin or token.

Our Vision:

Our aim is to have an ecosystem of products to support every chain that Ikura is on. We want to bring people on chain in an accessible and seamless way so in the future, we will provide a cross chain DEX, unified charting, NFT mechanisms and more! This is just the beginning of an exciting project.

So, what are our target blockchains where we want to cement our name?

1. Harmony

2. Solana

3. Cardano

We believe these are three of the most exciting blockchains in the space and our technical team are already in talks with senior people at all 3 chains.

Closing Remarks:

We’ve got so much in store in the future but it’s important to show you all that this is just the first step for an exciting project.

We appreciate your support and we will continuously work hard to deliver our objectives and deadlines.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey.



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